Repairing a masonry chimney

To repair a masonry chimney, you will only need the right tools and knowledge about the task.


  1. Use a grout rake to remove the masonry. Use a hammer and chisel for harder areas.
  2. Use the rake to enlarge the joints. Clean the dust using a vacuum. The dust could cause you trouble later in the operation.
  3. Using a wire brush, clean any dust on the joints and vacuum once more.
  4. To make the new adhesive adhere to the material better, spray some water on the joints.
  5. Prepare a masonry and fortifier mix. It must have a thick consistency but must be easy to work with.
  6. Place masonry on the hawk and pack the joints with it, using a tuck-pointing tool.
  7. Let the masonry harden for half a hour and remove any excess. Thus, the joints will be flush with the bricks.
  8. The masonry must be sprayed with water to avoid fast drying and cracking.
  9. Any excess sand and dust must be removed using a stiff broom. Repeat the cleaning a few days after the masonry has been repaired.


  • The masonry must absorb all the water before it can be used.
  • Do not attempt any repairs on the masonry if it is still hot
  • Use a safety harness if your roof is steep and/or high.
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