Repairing chimney leaks

Chimney leakage is mainly caused by poor insulation or by improper roofing of the area around the chimney. The task of repairing these leaks is not hard. You just need a few things:

  • Good hammer or roofing hammer
  • Caulk gun and silicone caulk
  • Crowbar with a flat end
  • Plastic trowel
  • Half of a gallon of cold tar
  • Extension ladder

Leak repairing process

  • Check the chimney for any cracks that may cause the leaks, around the base area, sides and behind the chimney.
  • Check the chimney flashing. Because of the climate, mortar can contract and cause leaks around in the flashing area. You can find the flashing in the first row of bricks.
  • Check if there are any cracked areas between the metal flashing and bricks on top of the chimney.
  • Apply caulk on the sides of the chimney, but not on the front of it.
  • Check the intersection point of the shingles and metal flashing, for any possible leaks.
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