Sealing the chimney flashing

Finding leaks in the ceiling in the area near the chimney, most often means that there is a problem with your chimney flashing. It is simple to make a few adjustments to the flashing to solve the leakage problem.

Sealing with caulk

The caulk used to seal the flashing may be damaged or it may not be sealing the flashing properly anymore.

This can cause leaks in the ceiling. Caulking the flashing once more is easy and will surely solve your problems. You need about one or two water proof silicone caulking tubes and a caulking gun. Mount a tube on the caulking gun and then, using a ladder, get on the roof, where the chimney flashing is. After you clean the area where the flashing isĀ  of any debris that may be lying around, inspect the shingles that meet the flashing and find the damaged area. If you don’t see any obvious signs of damage, just apply a thick layer around the shingles that meet the flashing and another layer around the flashing itself, in the area that meets the chimney.

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