Simple chimney repairs

Throughout the lifetime of a chimney, it will require different repairs. Some are needed because of simple issues, while some include heavy labor and skill. Even so, there’s nothing you can’t do by yourself.

Mortar repairing

Mortar is used to bind many parts of the chimney like the chimney cap. To improve the lifespan of the cap, any damaged mortar around it must be removed. Before you do that you must cover up the flue opening. After that you must apply cement mix, thus maintaining the cap in good shape. Caulk the area where the cement is dry. Other parts of the chimney may require mortar repairing. If the mortar doesn’t come off clean, use a hammer and a chisel to break it. After that, apply new mortar and smooth it along the surface of the area. Sloping the mortar so that the rain will drain away is very important.

Repairing bricks

Any loose bricks are dangerous when it comes to a chimney. If you spot any, remove them and apply a cement mix on the area after which you must put the bricks back and secure them into place. Apply paint to those bricks when the cement is dry.

Flue maintenance

The flue is an exit route for smoke. Many types, it gets blocked because of dust and debris. Regular inspection and cleaning will assure its efficiency.

Crack sealing

Any cracks in the chimney must be repaired as soon as possible if not the cracks might get bigger and become impossible to repair. Patch the cracks up and let them dry. Apply a layer of sealant on the area and then a second one when the first was has dried.

Repairing cracked tiles

If you need to repair a small crack, you just have to use tile filler and patch the tile up. If the cracks are impossible to repair, use a masonry hammer to remove them, then apply mortar mix followed by a new tile.

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