Stainless steel chimney hood tips

The chimney hood has many features. It mainly is used as a vent for the kitchen. It takes out all the fumes and vapors in the room and lets fresh air in.

It can also recycle the air in the kitchen.


  • Check if the exterior of the hood is made of stainless steel as well as the interior. Many times, the interior isn’t.
  • The filter should be easily removable at any time, because if it blocks, the whole system fails working as it should. The aluminum filter is cheap but will break down easily. A baffle filter is durable but not as efficient as an aluminum one.
  • The chimney should be easily cleaned, as for the aluminum filter or baffle filter. The baffle doesn’t require that much maintenance. Make sure the chimney has seamless corners.
  • The hood has 3 speeds, each fits a specific need. Search for a hood with automatic delayed shut off and speed booster.
  • The cooking area must be properly lighted. Nowadays, recent models have a very efficient lighting system.
  • To save you the trouble of a fire alarm going off by accident, buy a chimney hood with a heat sentry feature. It will turn the chimney on each time it detects fumes or vapors.
  • Seek out a chimney hood that has an extraction capacity of more than 500 cubic meters per hour. This represents the speed at which the chimney hood will sucks out air and brings in fresh air. Ask the manufacturer to turn on the machine, to see how loud it is. Make sure you do that before buying anything.

Sliding chimney hoods, easy access control, PVC pipe for exhaust purpose, halogen lighting and centrifugal blower are other extra features a chimney hood can have. Make sure your chimney hood suits your needs and kitchen design.

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