Stove or chimney pipe?

The stove pipe is the cylindrical object that comes out of the stove. It is used to divert dangerous gasses and fumes away out of the spot of the burning stove. There is also an alternative to the stove pipe, the chimney pipe.

The differences between these two are small but do exist.

Stove pipe facts

A stove pipe will lead from a stove or fireplace to an exterior chimney outlet. It will never have to go through the wall or the ceiling and connects to the chimney pipe. Stove pipes can either be straight, like in most cases, or shaped like and elbow with a short turn. This pipe can’t sustain high temperatures.

Chimney pipe facts

A chimney can have a few chimney pipes in it that go through it or it can have none. This pipe will direct the fumes and gasses outside the house and can easily handle intense heat. The chimney pipe is connected to a stove pipe and will exit the chimney 2 feet out at the top, for better ventilation.

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