Upsides of stainless steel chimney caps

A stainless steel chimney cap is a good addition to the home, having many advantages over other types of caps. Before you purchase such a cap, you should know a few things about it.

Lifetime guarantee

Stainless steel caps require minimal maintenance and must never be replaced.

The cap only needs to be cleaned and cleared to avoid blockage. Talking with the manufacturer about a warranty is recommended, just in case something does happen with the chimney cap. Better safe than sorry.

Reduce costs

Some stainless steel caps have bonus features. Some reduce draft, while others use the power generated by wind to assure a better updraft from the fireplace. This also reduces heat bills and keeps the fireplace clean and safe.

Right dimensions

Find out the length and circumference of the chimney top. Also, note down how many flues you have and decide how high you want the cap to be. Once you found out these dimensions and know what you want, it is easy to go and buy a chimney cap.

Other information

Stainless steel caps may dent sometimes, but will surely not rust or corrode like other cap types. This means that these caps can come in various designs. Be sure to search for the right chimney cap before you buy anything. Remember this house addition will last a long time and is sure to attract the eye of many visitors.

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