Useing a charcoal chimney

If you prepare food on a grill frequently, then the chimney charcoal starter is the thing for you. It doesn’t require lighter fluids to ignite and so, doesn’t give the grilled food lighter fluid taste.


  1. Remove the wire rack of the grill, leaving it empty.
  2. Place 2 crumpled newspapers in the bottom part of the charcoal chimney. Place the charcoal chimney on the grill.
  3. Fill the upper part of the device with charcoal according to how much food you will grill.
  4. Ignite the paper that is at the bottom of the device, through the small holes at the bottom.
  5. Let the charcoal burn until it has an orange glow.
  6. Wear protective gloves when handling the device. Carefully dump the charcoal in the chimney into the grill. You need to act quick.
  7. Use a special tool to evenly spread the charcoal.
  8. Place the wire rack back on the grill.
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