Why to install a chimney cap

Many of those who own a chimney think whether or not to purchase a chimney cap.


The chimney cap or crown is a small, usually square metal device that is attached to the chimney top.

Water issues

A chimney cap will prevent water from infiltrating into the chimney, damaging the bricks and mortar, deteriorating the chimney.

This will lead to cracks in the chimney liner, which needs repair and thus the chimney maintenance bill will raise its value. Water can also go down the chimney and out the fireplace, causing problems with the floor in the house.

Animal issues

Small animals like squirrels, raccoons, birds or bats can get into the chimney and get blocked inside or crawl down and enter the house. Birds generally nest at the chimney top blocking it and disturbing the proper airflow needed to eliminate smoke out of the chimney. This also increases the risk of sparks igniting the nest and causing a fire hazard. Using a chimney cap you avoid all of these problems.

Fire issues

When fuel burns in the fireplace, spark will often shoot out of the chimney. This could lead to a possible fire hazard if the roof or lawn ignites. Installing a chimney cap reduces the amount of sparks that shoot out of the chimney.


Chimney caps are very cost-effective. They can usually be bought for less than 200 dollars and save you a lot of money in the future.

Overall, the chimney cap is a good addition to the home, that protects you from many unpleasant surprises. It is easy to install and relatively cheap.

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