Wood stove chimney cleaning

A wood stove chimney require regular maintenance, along with the chimney pipes which need cleaning every once in a while. During the wood burning process, byproducts will buildup on the walls of the chimney, increasing the risk of a fire hazard. To protect your home, you must do a good job to clean and maintain the chimney.

Tools needed

  • Gloves
  • Dust mask
  • Face shield
  • Safety glasses
  • Drop cloths
  • Tape measure
  • Chimney brush and rods
  • Flashlight

Measuring and buying

Before going at the shop and buying a chimney brush, you must note down the dimensions of the chimney. A brush cam be as large as 12 inches or as small as only 2 inches. You will also need rods to attach to the brush.


Use drop cloth to cover up the furniture in the roof where the fireplace is. Be sure to wear a face shield, safety glasses, a dust mask and gloves.


Attach the rods to the brush and remove the stovepipe from the stove. Cover the exposed area of the stove and then inspect the chimney for any cracks. Make sure you have the brush on hand.

Cleaning process

Get on the roof and using a flashlight, inspect the chimney for creosote and soot buildups and any nests or debris. Insert the brush down the chimney and then pull it back out. Repeat the process several times until you see the chimney is no longer blocked. Clean the chimney clean-out area if it has one and also, don’t forget to clean the flue pipe.

It’s best you clean the chimney while it is still hot. This way, the soot will come off much easier. Make sure the fire is out though. When you are done with the chimney, clean the interior of the house of any soot that might have fallen in.

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