ABCs about ozone generators

There are devices that produce ozone. Each of them gives different concentrations of the gas and, as it passes the machines’ exit, the conditions can reduce its concentration. Furniture can absorb part of the ozone and even the closeness of a person.

Buy an ozone generator that fits the room where it will be placed. You must not exceed public health limits. The devices have a control setting, but you mustn’t relay on it. All that matters for establishing the ozone level is the proportion between the sizes of the space where it will function.

Ozone generators must not be used for a long period of time or give high concentrations because the exposure to them causes serious health problems.

The apparatus can: kill mold, bacteria and mildew, and evaporate odors.
But be aware that killing mold consists in a shock treatment (like spraying substances to kill bugs) and is very bad for breathing functions.

The form of the device is flat, therefore being compact and easy as weight. It consumes low levels of energy (a maximum of 7kW for one kilo of ozone). The generator can produce from 5 to 400 g/h ozone. You can order special designs and find in all models a timer and output control. An automatic dosage control is  bought separately.

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