About The Magnetic Electricity Generator

The world today is consuming larger and larger amounts of electricity and while industry is also turning to natural resources for making electricity, like sunlight and wind, the magnetic electricity generator still stands its ground as it is not subject to weather or any other perturbations.

Technology has evolved a great deal and it has given us many machines which make our lives easier, one of them being the magnetic electricity generator which can work for an undefined period of time – for up to 400 years, and creates a much larger amount of electricity than it consumes.

Such a device uses magnets – which we all know repel each other when they are of the same pole, aligned in a small wheel built in a turbine.

The magnets are then pushed in the opposite direction to each other, creating a perpetual motion which makes the generator spin. The defending forces in the magnets generate energy, which enhances the spinning time and so on.

You can make your own little magnetic electricity generator at home as plans are offered for free over the internet and the materials are not hard to come by – you can use regular household magnets. But it is best if you go for a money back scheme and do a thorough research first.

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