Air conditioner for rooms

We all have to get through a hot summer, one way or another. A great way to do that is to make our existing air conditioner to work properly or to buy such a device. On the market there are wall-mounted, window-mounted or a room air conditioner (portable or not).

Let’s talk about the later one. It has an advantage against the others due to the fact it cools only the room you want to and in which you stay the longest. This will do wonders to your energy bill.

It has a very simple working system. A blower draws the warm air, it takes it through a filter and a cool condenser to chill and dehumidify it and, finally, it blows the new, cold air inside the room. The initially warm air is sent outside.

You can choose from a large palette of models. Take in consideration criteria like size, price, efficiency, easy installation.

The units come with simple instructions. Usually all it takes is to install the mounting kits and place the air conditioner above a window.
If you have a portable model, then all you have to do is to roll the flexible duct and connect it to a window, so it blows the warm air outdoors.

Maybe you already have a unit at home, but it stopped working. Don’t give up and try to fix it. Only after an unsuccessful trial, you should buy a new air conditioner.

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