Bedroom decoration ideas for teenage girls

Usually, teenagers have very difficult and strong personalities. Although your little girl is now sixteen years old you still have the tendency consider her mummy’s baby. But she is not a baby anymore.

She has her own tastes and personality that is why redecorating her bedroom is very important. Generally, girls prefer bright and cheerful colors that reflect their age and bring their bedroom to live. The bedroom is as important as clothes for a teenage girl. Therefore, choosing the right color or combination of colors to decorate her room is an important task to accomplish. It is advisable to ask the opinion of your girl before taking any action if you want to avoid unpleasant situations. She may not like what you want and this way she will not be satisfied with the result. If she lets you pick up the color scheme for her, here are some ideas that can help you.

Theme colors for the bedroom

You can use many theme colors for your teenage girl’s bedroom as long as you keep this room bright and colorful. Start with choosing the main theme for her bedroom. You can pick up a neutral, Disney, princess, movie theme, aquarium theme, planetarium or a book theme. See what she likes best and go for it. As for the color scheme, you can use different combinations. For a more romantic look, combine lavender and pink. Utilize blue and gray or peach and white for an elegant and nice aspect. Black, white and pink is another great combination to decorate the bedroom of your teenage girl. Choose a furniture that works with the color scheme you have chosen for a more attractive and interesting look.

Paint colors for the bedroom

Depending on the theme, pink or purple will work very well in any bedroom of a girl. The most important thing when choosing the right color for the walls is to make sure that the bedroom does not have a boring look. You can use different colors such as gray, orange, lavender, blue, red etc. as long as you pick up neutral shades of these colors. Choose nice and beautiful furniture in accordance to the colors of the walls.

One of the most popular decoration ideas is to use two different colors for the walls. Bright and lively colors that make the bedroom look alive are very suitable for the bedroom of a girl. You can also add different wall decorations in accordance to the theme you have chosen such as posters, drawings, geometric shapes and the like to make the room more colorful and attractive.

Accessories and furniture

Usually, the color of the furniture and other accessories must be chosen in accordance to the themes of the room. The curtains, linen, bed covers, sheets, drapes, lamps, frames and the like will add the final touch to the room. You do not have to worry about finding the right color for these accessories. There are various sets for teenage girls available on the market to choose from. It is not a difficult task to accomplish as long as you make all the elements in the room work together.

As you have seen, there are many possibilities to decorate the bedroom of a teenage girl. Light shades of peach, lavender, pink, yellow, beige or any other bright colors are good options to paint the walls. Combine one of these colors with white or colored pieces of furniture such as a bed, cushioned chair, table, chair, etc. you can use these colors for the drapes, curtains, linen, pillows and other accessories in the room.

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