Bedroom painting ideas

Did you ever have trouble in choosing the right paint colors for your bedroom? I think we all do when it comes to choose a color scheme for our private room. And this is because sometimes trendy bedroom ideas do not match our tastes and personality. If you plan to redecorate your bedroom, make sure that the colors you choose are comfortable and relaxing.

If you like vibrant bedrooms, many colors can make your bedroom energetic and funky. Here are some ideas that can help you decorate your bedroom.


Choosing the right color for your bedroom can be quite challenging and time-consuming because each color has a multitude of shades and tones. It would be a big mistake to try each tone or shade. The colors you plan to use for your bedroom have to influence your moods in a positive way. It does not matter if the color scheme you pick up to decorate your bedroom is not trendy. The most important fact is that the result should reflect your personality and that you feel very comfortable and relaxed when spending time into your private room. Read further on to discover several bedroom styles and ideas that could help you make the right choice.

 Trendy, energetic and vibrant

A combination of pink, black and white will make the bedroom of a girl look very lively and exciting. A great idea is to paint one wall in hot pink and keep the rest of the bedroom in black and white. To make your bedroom look more energetic, opt for zebra prints on upholstery. To complement the room, have all the accessories colored in nice tones of pink.

If you plan to decorate the bedroom for a boy, turquoise and a little silver will look wonderful. A good idea is to paint one wall in turquoise blue and decorate the room with black and white furniture. Keep your accessories in silver.

Another great combination that can make a bedroom look alive is blue and yellow. Install wooden flooring and gray furniture. Use blue to paint only one wall in your bedroom, otherwise the room will look a little overwhelming.

Nature and rustic

If you want to feel close to nature while spending time into your bedroom, paint one wall in green and keep the rest of them in an earthy tone such as rustic beige. To complement the room, install furniture in a light shade.

Pine yellow can also make your bedroom look very rustic if combined with wooden furniture. Add dark brown accessories for a more attractive look. You can decorate the bedroom for guests following this pattern. They will feel very comfortable in here.

Another beautiful combination that can give your bedroom a rustic look is neutral beige and an accent color such as fiery orange. Install furniture made of wood and opt for wooden flooring too. To complement the room, install proper lightning.

Extravagant and rich

If you like extravagant and rich bedrooms, a combination of dull golden and black is what you are looking for. Paint the walls in dull golden and achieve black furniture. To complement the room, install soft lighting. Your bedroom will be an expression of luxury.

Another luxurious color is royal deep purple. Combine this color with light furniture made of wood and contrasting accessories. It will look absolutely fantastic!

Before painting the walls in your bedroom, make sure you have made the right choice. Make small pots using different paint colors to see which works best. Keep in mind that the color you pickup must work with the furniture in the room; otherwise, the result will be catastrophic. At the same time, keep in mind that the color of the walls will have another effect after you install the furniture and choose the accessories. The natural and artificial lighting is also an important factor you should take into account when choosing the paint colors for the walls.

Picking up the right color to paint the walls in your bedroom can be quite a difficult task to accomplish. Keep in mind all the ideas mentioned before to make your job easier. And do not forget that the most suitable color must reflect your tastes and personality. Good luck!

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