Bedroom wall color ideas

When painting a bedroom you should first choose the theme that you want to use and then the color or combination of colors. Any bedroom should look comfortable and welcoming in order to make you feel great while spending time inside. There are many elegant and modern colors you can use to paint your bedroom.

The main idea is to reflect your tastes and personality. In addition, make sure that the color you choose will have a good effect on your emotional state.

It is to be noticed that there are many suitable colors you can use to paint the walls in your bedroom. However, there are also colors that can make a room look uncomfortable and boring. Let us find out more about bedroom color ideas.

The most popular colors for bedrooms are cool tones. We can include here green, violet and blue. Aqua, purple (light or medium tones), light sap green, grayish blue, turquoise and soft green can also be included in the category of cool colors.

Do not paint the walls in your bedroom in red or orange because they are not suitable for this purpose. Orange for example will distract your attention from the focal point of the room, which must be the area where the bed is. If you like them a lot, use them for your kitchen or living room. A bedroom should have a calming and relaxing look.

Although people use these warm colors for their bedrooms, cool colors are more suitable. If you still want to paint your bedroom in a warm color, at least make sure that you use a light tone.

When it comes to color schemes, opt for a monochromatic one. For example, you can combine white with light tones of beige or gray.

If you plan to redecorate the bedroom for a guy, brown is one of the most popular colors you can use to paint the walls. Light tones like earthy brown or light chocolate are a good option.

On the other hand, if you decorate the room for a girl, use light tones of burgundy or pink for the walls. Red, pink and burgundy are also very suitable for young couples who spend most of their time in the bedroom. These colors will make the room look very romantic.

Painting ideas for bedrooms

If you plan to paint the walls in your bedroom using different design, make sure you do not exaggerate. You would not like a cluttered bedroom, believe me! You can experiment using bright colors, but again, do not exaggerate using them; otherwise, the room will look overwhelming.

One good idea is to experiment with stencil art on the walls of your bedroom. Choose a beautiful design and stencil art on one of the walls. Paint one wall in white with a stencil of flowers colored in beige and keep the rest of the walls beige.

Textured paints are another great idea you can use. Paint three of the walls in a single color and apply textured paint on one wall. For the ceiling, you can also use textured paint as long as you use neutral colors such as white or beige. For an interesting and attractive look, you can paint the ceiling with wall murals representing the sky. Make the background of the ceiling blue and paint some white clouds. If you want to use this technique for your boy’s bedroom, decorate the ceiling with glow in the dark stars and paint galaxies, planets, aliens and the like.

On the other hand, if you plan to decorate the bedroom for a girl, paint the walls in one color and use a contrasting one to make horizontal or vertical stripes. For example, keep the walls off-white and use yellow, pink or blue paint to create three horizontal stripes.

If you are not sure about your choice, use virtual software to see exactly how your bedroom would look after you finish painting it. Paint shade cards can also help you make the right choice. Just apply them on the wall and see what works best. For a master bedroom utilize flat finish while for children’s room choose gloss finish. Make sure that the color of the walls work well with the furniture and the other accessories in the room. Also, do not forget about lighting. Installing proper lights will make the room more appealing.

You can inspire from these ideas when choosing the colors for your bedroom and combine the one you choose with your own notions and skills to create a welcoming and cozy bedroom.

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