Build Your Own Hydrogen Generator

There are several hydrogen generators on the market, but it easy to make your own. They generate hydrogen – an element found abundantly on Earth but which can’t be found in its elemental form and is highly combustible making it a clean and efficient fuel – from water. You can use it to reduce fuel consumption on your car or for simple science experiments.

Gather the materials and tools you will need: glue and glue gun, two 20-ounce bottles, pencils, an utility knife, 24-inch tubes, drilling machine, 12 inches of telephone wire, scissors, a 2-liter plastic bottle, pencils, electrodes and valves.
Start by cutting the top of the big bottle and house the two small ones in it. Cut the pencil in two equal halves and use only the carbon graphite.

Strip ¼ inch of the insulation on one side of the telephone wire and 2 inches on the opposite side. Wrap the 2-inch bare copper to the graphite, apply glue and set it aside.

Make a hole in the center of the two bottle caps using the drill machine and glue a 24-inch tube in that hole. Now put the caps on the bottles. Place the electrodes in the two small bottles from the bottom and fit valves at the cap side to hold the tube inserted in the cap. Glue to two small bottles inside the big bottle and connect the 12 volt battery to the tubes coming out of the two small caps (one tube will be the anode and the other will be the cathode). The electricity from the battery will break down the water molecules and it will generate oxyhydrogen (a brown gas) which can be used as fuel.

NASA uses hydrogen and oxygen combustion for launching space shuttles and car manufacturers are turning to this alternative fuel source with some hydrogen powered fuel cell cars already on the market.

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