Choosing the right colors for bedrooms

Choosing the right color or combination of colors for your bedroom is an important thing you should take into account, mainly because this space is the most important in the house. This is where you spend most of your time when you come home from work, so creating the perfect ambiance is essential. At the same time, the style of the bedroom should reflect your personality and taste.

In the following lines, we will present you various paint colors you can choose for your private space.

Fashionable colors for bedrooms

In the past, people used to decorate their bedrooms in simple colors, but nowadays vibrant and exciting colors are very fashionable. The colors in a bedroom should also reflect the personality, lifestyle and the state of mind of its owner. More and more people like to experience different coloring patterns in their room. It is a good thing to do that as long as you keep in mind some important tips. For example, avoid dark colors if you own a small bedroom because it will make the space look even smaller. But this does not mean that there are not enough options for small bedrooms to choose from. In order to create the illusion of a bigger space, use soft and pastel colors for the bedroom. At the same time, remember that cool colors will make your bedroom look relaxing and peaceful. Hot colors are not suitable for this room, but if you like them you can use them in your living room or in your study room. The main idea is to pick up the right shade of the color you like most.

Different paint colors for bedrooms


Yellow is suitable for the bedroom of  both a boy and a girl. There are many yellow tones to choose from. Combine yellow with white for a more beautiful result. If your bedroom is quite small, pick up light tones of yellow to make the space look bigger and airy. Large rooms allow you to use any yellow tone you like and want.

 Dull golden

Dull golden is an extravagant and noble color, which is suitable for big bedrooms. Antique furniture in a dark brown tone blends well into a dull golden bedroom. Just add some antique ornaments to give the room a rich and conventional look. If you like this color very much, but you have a small bedroom, do not worry. You can use it in combination with dull pearl white and trendy furniture.

Turquoise blue

Turquoise blue is the best alternative if you want to have an attractive bedroom. It is a relaxing, vibrant, dynamic and invigorating color. Add white or black furniture to complement the style of the room. Use decorative items colored in sparkling silver, mostly if the bedroom belongs to a 16 years old girl.

Bottle green

One of the most shooting colors is bottle green. It gives the bedroom a cool and peaceful look. Paint all the walls in bottle green if your bedroom is large to create a homey and restful atmosphere. This way, you will fall asleep faster and you will also sleep better. Add furniture in a dark color for an even more attractive look.


Purple is usually a color used to decorate the bedroom for a girl because it has some femininity in it and creates a romantic and glamorous look. But there are some purple shades that can be also used to paint the walls in a boy’s room. Just make sure you combine one of these shades with the proper furniture.  Light shades of purple can be used successfully into a teenager’s bedroom.

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