Color schemes for the bedroom

One of the most important elements to take into account when decorating a room is the color or the combination of colors you use. Every room in the house needs to be painted in the right color to express what it really represents. For example, the bedroom, which is the most private room in the house, should be comfortable and modern.

At the same time, the color of the walls must work well with the furniture, drapes, bedding and all the other items in the room. There is also the possibility to ask the help of a professional designer if you have problems with choosing the proper color combination for your bedroom. In order to help you, this article will present you several color combinations you should take into consideration when decorating your bedroom.

Color schemes to paint a bedroom

Before choosing a color combination for your bedroom, take into account its size and the color of the existent furniture. It is very important to create a tranquil and comfortable atmosphere into this private room. Go to a specialized store and see different color schemes. People who work there will help you make your choice if you cannot handle this problem by yourself.

If your bedroom is very large and you want to make it look smaller and comfortable, a combination of tan and green mint is what you need. Choose warm colors such as yellow, sunrise orange or red in combination with ivory or pearl white for a pleasant and intimate atmosphere. For a modern and attractive look, paint the walls in your bedroom in the colors of the earth. Tones of beige, brown or caramel are the right choice for you.

On the other hand, if your bedroom is small, you need to make it look bigger. In order to do that, avoid dark colors because they will make the space look even smaller and crowded. Instead, choose light color combinations to create the illusion of a larger space. For example, combine off white and coral with lime green or egg yolk yellow. Use lime green for the walls and off white for the ceiling. Another option is to paint the walls in egg yolk yellow or peach and the ceiling in coral.

If you do not like these combinations or they simply do not represent your personality, pick up sea green, pale blue, lilac or any pastel tones for the walls. Combine one of these colors with the lightest tones of camel or beige.

Pallet gray and pale pink is a nice combination to use for the bedroom of a girl. If you are not quite a fan of pink, you can replace this color with light lavender. Combine it with gray for a more attractive look. If you have a boy and you plan to redecorate his bedroom, it is obviously that you cannot choose different color schemes.  For example, you can combine sky blue or egg shell blue with slate gray. Paint the walls in sky blue and the ceiling in slate gray. To make the room look more attractive and childish, you can decorate the walls with cartoon characters or cars. Your boy will love it! Another option is to paint the walls in a boy’s room in pale yellow, turquoise or grass green. You can even combine two of these colors for a more interesting aspect.

The most important thing when decorating a bedroom or any room in the house is that the combination of colors you choose for the walls should reflect your personality and your tastes. When you paint the walls into your bedroom, make sure that the colors you use work well with the furniture and the other elements in the room.

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