Colors and designs for girls’ bedrooms

Usually, people prefer feminine colors to decorate the bedroom for girls. However, nowadays, girls like to try out new colors for their rooms. If you plan to redecorate the bedroom for your girl, do not worry! Painting the walls in a new color will make the room look fresh and it will help you save money.

You can choose many color schemes for your purpose. The only thing you should keep in mind when choosing the colors for your girl’s bedroom is her tastes and personality. If she is old enough, you can ask her opinion before taking any decision. Her age is also important. Little girls prefer childish bedrooms that look like a fairy tale, while older girls love cozy and more sober rooms. Let us find out more about colors and designs for girls’ bedrooms.

 Trendy color schemes

Two of the most common colors used to decorate the bedroom for a girl are green and pink. Pink can make a room look cozy, while green ca give it a fresh aspect. Red and yellow can also look good if you use them to decorate the bedroom for a girl. For a more attractive look, combine two colors to paint the walls. You can utilize yellow and purple, orange and pink or lime green and pink for your purpose.

Many girls like bold colors, while others may prefer black. The main idea is to consider her opinion if you do not want to make her unhappy. If she likes dark colors, combine them with light tones to balance the colors. If she chooses yellow, make polka dots on the walls using a lighter tone to soften the colors. But, if she prefers black you cannot ignore her preferences totally. Although black makes a space look smaller, you can use different patterns in this color to satisfy her tastes.

 Themes and designs

For a more attractive look, you can use various patterns and designs to decorate the walls in her room. One of the easiest ways to do that is to make stripes on the walls or to use different graphic designs.

Painting the walls following a theme you have chosen is another good idea. For example, you can use a sky them to stimulate her creativity. In order to do that, you have to paint the entire room in a light shade of blue. Using a smooth rag and white paint, make a few clouds on the walls. The bedroom will look great.

A beach theme is another great idea, especially if your girl loves water and sand. Paint the walls in a light tone of blue. At the bottom of the walls, use brown paint to create the sand and beach with the help of a sponge. Also, make white clouds using a sponge and white paint at the topside of the walls. In the middle of the walls, you have to draw a dark blue line to create the horizon.

If you want to use a flower garden theme, paint the walls in a color that emphasizes the beauty of the flowers. A good idea is to paint the walls in green or blue. After that, use stencils to draw different floral patterns and paint them in orange, light green, red, yellow, etc.

Use these decoration ideas to make the room of your girl look like a small paradise. She will be so happy while spending time into her freshly painted bedroom!

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