Convert a small attic into an attractive bedroom

If you need an additional bedroom for you or for your guests, think about how useful your attic would be for this purpose. Although many people may tend to believe that it is almost impossible to transform an attic into a bedroom, they should think again. Of course, this is not an easy task to accomplish if you plan to get a lot of furniture in your small attic.

In fact, this is not recommended. The main idea is that you can convert your attic into an attractive and homey bedroom if you keep in mind several rule. The most important is to use any piece of furniture as wisely as possible to store your things. This way you will not crowd the space; on the contrary you will make it look larger. Also, do not charge the walls with too many pictures, paintings or any other artwork. Avoiding clutter is the main idea when doing this job!

Decoration ideas for a small attic bedroom

Paint colors for the walls

The best way to make a small space look bigger is to paint the walls in the right color. A small attic may look quite spacious and airy if you paint the walls in monochromatic colors such as steel gray, taupe and icy blue. If you like more the colors of the nature, use a combination of zesty orange, lime green and lemon yellow.  The main idea is to avoid any excess of these colors. You can paint one single wall in lime green and the others in a more pale tone of the same color family. Also, you can paint the ceiling in a pale color to make it look higher.

Another idea is to use neutral colors such as taupe, off white, wheat or beige for your small attic bedroom.

Practical furniture

For small spaces, it is recommended to install a statement furniture piece as the focal point of the room. Do not use several pieces of furniture in a small attic bedroom but one single piece. A well-designed bed with a nice headboard will make the room look chic and elegant. To add a touch of style to your bedroom, add several pillows and pale-colored linen to your dark-colored bed. This way you will create a contrasting look between the walls, bed and ceiling.

Small furniture

Although you may be tempted to choose large furniture for your small attic bedroom in order to store as many things as possible, do not do that. It is the biggest mistake that you can do. Install small furniture to avoid crowding the space and create a balance between the size of the room and that of the furniture. Replace large couches with small chaise lounge and big chests of drawers with a small and chic one. In addition, pick up furniture that has smooth lines to avoid creating the illusion of a clutter space.

Inventive storage places

It is very important to use the space in your bedroom as wisely as possible. Put your CDs and DVDs on the shelves next to your bed to save space. Pick up furniture that includes many storage places to avoid crowding the room. Keep your personal grooming products and medicines into the drawers of a night table. A window seat can become the perfect storage place for your toys and linen if you build a drawer under it. The space under the bed can also be used. Put all your clothes, shoes and linen into large baskets and put them under the bed.


One mistake that you could do is to spread all your decorations all over the small attic bedroom. It will not work! Decorate the walls with no more than two paintings or any artwork you want and hang them as higher as possible. This way your ceiling will look higher. To make the space look even larger, place a big rectangular mirror near a wall or over a dresser. Choose only elements that are small and have similar styles to decorate your small attic bedroom.

If you follow all these tips to decorate your small attic bedroom, you will surely be satisfied with the result.

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