Cool your house without air conditioners

The secret to cool your house without air conditioners is to reduce sources of heat and draw outside the inside warm air.
Here are a few ways to do so:

  • Turn on portable fans, ceiling fans, whole-house ones or chose the setting on the thermostat that makes the air to move;
  • Provide a good insulation for the attic and basement (this is a cost minimizing action);
  • Place caulk or weather stripping to your windows and doors;
  • Attach with a stapling gun a barrier of radiant foil to the roof rafters, on the under part. Leave space between the foil and the roof coating by placing the staples three inches apart.
    Place creases among the foils and seal them with caulk;
  • The sun has a great influence over the level of heat inside your home. Cover the windows that face it with film that reflects the light. You will stop the damaging effects of the sun rays on the furniture and floor. For hot climates chose sun-control film. For cold seasons pick a combination film, but you will want to benefit from the warmth of the sun so don’t cover the windows facing south;
  • Install and use drapes, shades, shelter for the windows that are oriented towards south and west. Patio coverings, latticework, tents work as well;
  • Plant tall plants around the house. If you want sunlight in the winter, chose deciduous types;
  • Check the temperatures both outside and inside. If outside are refreshing temperatures open the windows, doors and, if you have, skylights to provide ventilation. Put screens to keep the bugs outside the house. Big furniture prevents airflow so move it where is better suited;
  • A cause for the warm air is the presence of humidity. Avoid washing, drying of clothes, showering, cooking in the middle of the day because these actions produce humid air. If you must do them, power on ventilating fans and turn them off when you are done;
  • Don’t use lights and devices that generate heat, unless it’s absolutely necessary. Choose to cook on the barbecue, instead of the range.

All the above mentioned measures may prevent the heat to appear in your home, but they are not 100% sure. If they fail in providing comfort then consider buying an air conditioner.

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