Cool your house without air conditioning

A house can be cooled with or without an air conditioner. A list with advices will help you achieve that comfort so needed during warm season.

  1. Use lights only if necessary.
    Incandescent ones give a lot of heat to the air around them.
  2. Dry the clothes or cook when is cooler outside (morning or evening).
  3. Let the warm air to get out of the house through the attic and draw cool air from the outside. For this ventilation process you will need to install ridge vents, soffits or eave vents. Hire a specialist to create the whole system.
  4. For high ceiling there is an excellent option: skylights. They open and close, letting the hot air outside. You can choose from low-emissivity models, rain censors or a controlled motor.
  5. Fans are great to make the air circulate. With an electric type fan you deliver cool air to an exact place inside the house. A ceiling fan moves the hot air from the ceiling and brings from the floors the cool one. Put a box fan on the window and during the night you will receive cool air brought from the outside, whilst the hot one is pulled in the night. Whole house fans are great for the attic.
  6. The lawn and pavement gather heat during the day. If you turn on the sprinklers at sundown all the heat will spread, letting you to have a peaceful sleep.
  7. Shade is an enemy of heat. Grow a natural barrier around your house formed out of trees, shrubs. Install shades on the windows. Place the air conditioner in a location that is sheltered from the sun.
  8. Measure the square footage of the space where you will install the air conditioner. It must go hand in hand with the size and power of the unit. The bigger the room, the bigger the device will have to be.
  9. Take care of you air conditioner. Maintain it, change its filters, clean its evaporator coils.

With these advices in mind, try to have a wonderful, cool summer.

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