Creative bedroom designs and color schemes

Everyone knows how nice it is to wake up in the morning in a nice and cheerful bedroom, or come back home after a stressful day and relax in your own corner. That is way is very important how you decorate your bedroom, using modern designs and warm colors for an emerging and positive ambiance.

Color ideas for your bedroom walls

When deciding for the color of your bedroom walls, pick one that suits your personality and the one of your life partner.

There are many colors and tones available on the market and each one has a different effect on someone’s mind. If you prefer a more relaxing and calming space, return to the nature’s colors and use tones of green and blue. Even pink is suitable. Some other colors like brown, yellow and orange are also used for their peaceful effect. Orange provides more happiness, yellow enlightens the room, but be careful because sometimes too much yellow irritates the eyes.

Red is another interesting color, one should not use it on the walls, being more suitable for a bed or other decoration items. Black and white are two colors that must be used with great care because placed in an uninspired room, they tend to look boring and too somber. Use white if you live in a warm climate.

You can also try some color schemes and combinations for a more creative design.

Tips for designing a bedroom

When talking about bedroom designs, remember that simplicity is the best solution. You do not want to overcrowd your personal space, so leave just the essential pieces of furniture. The bed is the central piece of furniture in a bedroom, so choose a size according to the bedroom size. The most common material used for beds is the wood, but nowadays more and more people choose coated steel and brass for their fashionable look.

Dressers are very important parts in a bedroom, especially for girls, providing the space needed for storing the wardrobe, shoes and accessories. Wardrobes made of wood or glass, are a good idea for a creative bedroom.  Every room must have a mirror to accompany the dresser. Lighting is also essential in creating your personal atmosphere.  You can choose some light fixtures, such as floor lamps, picture lights, wall sconces and candles.

The final touch in designing the perfect bedroom is the fabric used in drapes, bedding and upholstery. You must decide for a soft, elegant fabric, complementing the colors used for the bedroom walls. Remember that you should use the same fabric for bedding, upholstery and drapes.  To create a nice contrast, buy pillows of different colors and place them on the bed.

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