Decorate bedrooms for young women

During time, little girls grow up and become young women. This stage of their life is very exiting and interesting, but it also brings many changes in their personality. And these changes reflect not only in the way a young woman dresses, in her clothes and accessories, but also in the way she prefers to decorate her bedroom.

Trendy ideas to decorate a young woman’s bedroom

Decorating the bedroom for a young woman is not a difficult task to accomplish as long as you choose the right color scheme, furniture and all the accessories. In the following lines, we will present you some interesting ideas that can help you make the right choices for your project.

 Painting the walls

The first thing to take into account is the color you use to paint the walls. Many interior designers believe that the most suitable colors to use in a young woman’s bedroom are soft pink and pastel tones. If you think that pink is too childish and pastel colors are quite uninteresting colors, you can paint the walls in purple, blue, red, green, etc. these colors will add a touch of drama to the bedroom. Another option to make the bedroom look some kind of dramatic is to paint one wall in a dark color and the rest of the walls in a lighter shade of the same color. You can also use faux finish for a more interesting look.

Choosing furniture

The furniture is the most important element in any room. Choose practical furniture that provides enough storage space for a young woman’s bedroom. Pick up a desk for the computer and place it in one corner of the room and a cabinet to keep her files and documents. As for the bed, choose a full-sized one. A young woman needs a lot of space to keep her things, so you can add affordable beanbag chairs and other pieces of furniture she needs. The main idea is to buy small and casual furniture that it is not too heavy to avoid crowding the space. You can buy cheap pieces of furniture from a local resale store or a thrift store. Just paint it or stain it to give the furniture a completely new look.


When it comes to accessories, simple and elegant are the words you should keep in mind. At the same time, make sure that colors and styles of the curtains, drapes and bed linen work well with the colors of the walls and the furniture in the room. The most suitable materials for these elements are silk or cotton because they have elegant textures. Cover the flooring with several rugs and the bed with a furry blanket. To complement the room, add some colorful pillows of various shapes on the couch.

 Ornamental items

Decorate the walls of a young woman’s bedroom with pictures, posters and postcards. Just make sure you do not exaggerate using them because the space will look overwhelming. Use beautiful frames for the pictures and posters for a more beautiful look. Do not forget about the mirror. This is essential for a young woman. Let one wall free and decorate the room with scented candles, low-light lamps, aromatherapy oil burners and the like for a touch of romanticism. In addition, you can add a few potted plants and vases with flowers.

You can use these ideas to decorate a young woman’s bedroom and let your imagination free to add some personality to the room. if she owns a small bedroom, pick up small furniture and paint the walls in light shades to make the room look brighter and larger.

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