Decorate using ceramic tiles

Create a unique look by decorating any room of your house with ceramic tiles. You can arrange them as a mosaic, or simple, use different colors, textures and sizes all to fit your taste and be a durable investment.

Choose the space you want to tile.

You can pick a wall, floors, ceilings, or two of these, even all three surfaces.

You can play with the sizes and colors of the tiles. Large tiles would complement the small ones on a wall. You can bring depth to the room if the colors and textures are in contrast.

Find out how many tiles you will need and the cost of them. With a measuring tape determine the length and the width of the floor, for example. Your measuring unit is foot. Then calculate the square footage of the surface by multiplying the numbers. Do so for any other chosen area for tilling.

The selected sites need to be prepared. Carpets, old tiles must be removed from the floors. The paint or wallpaper from the walls must be stripped and cleaned.

In order to attach the tiles you require an adequate adhesive. Ask for the advice of a professional that can tell you what to use.

A cost reducing solution is to create a border of ceramic tiles around floor and walls.

You might need the help of an experienced person that can guide you in the process. Installation of ceramic tiles can’t be done without squaring, cutting and other actions that lead to a proper finish.

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