Design ideas for a girl's bedroom

Decorating a bedroom is a challenging job that involves both patience and free time. This is because bedrooms are the most important rooms in any house for their occupants. If you plan to decorate the bedroom for your girl, you should consider a few things.

For example, ask her opinion before choosing the paint color, furniture and all the other accessories you plan to include in her room. This is the most important aspect you should keep in mind before beginning your work. Girls of all ages have their own personalities, likes and dislikes. It would be a mistake to decorate her bedroom in an unpleasant and uncomfortable way for her. In order to help you, read the following lines to find out some affordable decoration tips that will help you accomplish your job.

 Simple and inexpensive tips

Girls usually like bedrooms that look really great and reflect their personalities. The color of the walls, window treatments, bedding and the accessories need to be chosen wisely to satisfy her necessities and tastes. Let us see what you can do.

Paint the walls

Depending on what you want to make the bedroom look like, you can choose many color options. For example, if you want to make the bedroom for your girl look fresh, paint the walls in a bright color. The most popular color used for girls’ bedroom is pink. Although this color may seem a little childish, it has its own beauty. For a more attractive look, combine pink with other color such as white. Use white and pink stripes for the walls to make the room look beautiful. For a spectacular aspect, combine green and pink or pastel and white. Another idea is to create a sponge effect on the walls for a more interesting look.

Curtains and drapes

Usually, girls do not like blinds for their windows. Instead, you can use curtains and drapes. It is obvious that the fabrics you use for these window treatments play an important role when decorating the bedroom for a girl. Choose curtains with a similar texture as that of the bedding for a smooth look.

Choose bedding

As we have mentioned before, choose the same texture for the bedding and for the drapes. At the same time, make sure that the bedding works well with the design of the room. If you want to save a significant amount of money, choose a reversible bedspread that presents two different sides with different patterns and tones. This way your girl can change the look of the bed every time she wants. In addition, you can add lace to every edge of the pillowcases and bedding for a personalized look.


You do not have to spend a lot of money on accessories for your girl’s bedroom because her tastes change very quickly. A great idea is to decorate the walls with nice paintings and wall stickers because they can be easily removed. In addition, you can frame a piece of fabric and use it to decorate the walls. Girls also love beads, so use them to decorate a vase with flowers or a storage box. You can use beads to decorate the chair rail or even the molding in the room for a more astonishing look.


Another important element that you need to take into account is lighting. Installing the right lighting in your girl’s bedroom can create a really charming space for her. You can use common light bulbs and colorful bulbs for the fixtures. For a more attractive and interesting look install chains of little white lights from the one side to the other of the wall. Lampshades are also a good idea, especially if they are hand decorated.

Use these ideas to decorate the bedroom for your girl, but make sure that the room reflects her tastes and personality. In order to make her happy, ask her opinion every time you need to decode on the paint color, furniture style and accessories. This way you will know for sure that she will love her bedroom.

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