Design ideas for a small bedroom

If you own a small house with small rooms, arranging the furniture and all the other things inside is not a hard and difficult job, as many people tend to believe. On the contrary, it can be really fun if you let your imagination free. There are many ways you can layout the furniture in order to occupy as less space as possible and to make your bedroom look larger.

You can also opt for pieces of furniture that are suitable for small spaces. For example, you can go for a foldable bed instead of a massive one. At the same time, the furniture you choose must be very practical, meaning that it do not have to crowd the place, but at the same time it has to provide enough storage space for your clothes, shoes, bed covers and sheets, computer, TV and all the things you need to have in your bedroom.

To help you with your project, here are a few ideas about how you should arrange all the elements in the right place. We all need a bed, a table, chairs, a wardrobe with mirror, lamps into our bedrooms. If the space allows you, you can also add a couch. I cannot say that designing bedroom layouts is easy, but with some patience and creativity, it can be done. Read the following lines to find out more about this subject.

Bed layouts

The focal piece of furniture in any bedroom is the bed. To save as much space as possible, choose a built-in bed, a convertible or a bunk bed. They are very suitable for small bedrooms. However, if you want a full-size bed, opt for a convertible because it can be folded during daytime. Convertibles are very practical because they do not occupy a lot of space and are very comfortable. Achieve one and place it next to a main wall in your room.

Loft beds will work great in the small bedroom of a child. If you have two children and the room is high enough, go for a built-in bed. For a touch of simplicity, place your bed near the window.

Closets and wardrobes layouts

Usually, wardrobes are very big and occupy a lot of space.  A good idea is to choose wardrobes that are built directly into the wall, thus saving a lot of space. More than that, a wardrobe can provide enough storage space to keep your things. For a child’s room you can choose a closet, which is smaller than a wardrobe. You can also opt for built-in wardrobes and closets that present sliding doors to save more space and a mirror. A very useful wardrobe or closet must have interior shelves for jewelry, shoes and other things the like. You can also take into account feng-shui when arranging your things inside your bedroom.


After you have finished with the furniture, move your attention towards accessories such as side tables, study tables, a chair, drawers, desktop and the like. To keep your space as clear and free as possible, buy a foldable table to use it when you work on your laptop for example. When you do not need it, you can simply fold it back into the wall. If you want to keep your desktop into the room, a small table made of wood installed beside the wall is a good idea. The table can also present shelves on the topsides for additional storage space.

Putting the right thing into the right place is what you should keep in mind when decorating a small bedroom. This way you will be able to include all the things you need without crowding your bedroom.

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