Design ideas to decorate bedrooms for boys

Decorating the room for your boy may be very challenging, but you can get a good result at the end if you make your choice wisely. The most important thing you have to consider is the personality of your son. Usually, boys do not like at all feminine colors in their room.

At the same time, decorating his bedroom in a childish style may not be a good idea. But, this does not mean you cannot use peach for this purpose. Just make sure you choose the right color scheme for his bedroom. Another important element is the theme of the room. There are varieties of themes you can use for a boy’s room. Let us take a look at some interesting themes and decoration ideas for a boy’s bedroom.

 Design elements

The first things you should keep in mind when decorating a bedroom are its dimensions and lighting. Avoid crowding the room because your boy needs a lot of space to play. Having the right lighting can make his bedroom look larger. Natural light plays an important role in any room. Also, use elements that reflect light to make the room look more airy and spacious. You can also install concealed lighting into his room.

Before choosing a paint color, you should ask your son’s opinion. He will tell you what he wants. Achieve paint in his favorite color and create different shades until you are satisfied with the result. The tone you choose must make the room look welcoming and warm. Never use dark colors to paint your boy’s room because it will affect his moods negatively. More than that, dark colors can make the room look smaller. Yellow, blue and green are the most suitable colors to decorate a boy’s room. Instead of painting the walls, you can use nice wallpapers if you like.

Now, let us talk about the furniture for a boy’s room. There is a variety of styles and models you can choose from. The main piece is the bed; a bunk bed for example will occupy less space than a huge one. And, believe me, avoiding clutter is your man purpose. More than that, bunk beds are multi-functional. To create the illusion of a larger space, pick up light-colored furniture with smooth surfaces. White is a good choice. In addition, opt for practical pieces of furniture that can serve for several purposes.


When choosing a theme for a boy’s room make se of his hobbies. If he likes cars for example, you can use this as a theme to decorate his room. Here are a few popular themes you can use for your boy’s room.


If your boy loves airplanes, decorate his room accordingly. For example, you can hang different aircraft models from the ceiling and decorate the walls with murals. Choose pictures with him and the family for the walls. Pick up bed sheets, bed covers, pillows, curtains and drapes having the same theme in the room.

 Pirates / sailors

A pirate or a sailor theme is one of the most beautiful themes for a boy’s room. For this purpose, paint the walls in the color of the ocean. Also, paint a few waves and many ship types on the walls. You can even ask you son to paint some for you. If painting is not your main strength, achieve wallpapers with this theme and decorate his room. Include any element that reminds of pirates or sailors such as black flags with skulls, pirates, a treasure chest and of course, the parrot.

 Armed forces

Armed force is another interesting theme you can use for your boy’s room. Decorate the walls with fighter jets, action figures submarines and tanks. As for the colors, you can paint the walls in camouflage or in the colors of the desert. More than that, you can add several miniature play guns to make the room look more exciting for your boy.

 Safari or jungle

If your boy loves wild animals and nature choose a safari or jungle theme for his room. Next to the walls, you can place a stand with wild animal toys and paint the room in ivory, tan or green. If you can, make the walls look like a forest, for example. Introduce elements representing butterflies, safari hats, binoculars, etc. You can even ask him to paint some on the walls. Hanging bugs from the ceiling is a good idea.

 Outer space

One of the most common themes for boys’ rooms is outer space. This theme is also very easy to realize. Paint the walls in blue and decorate them with many glow in the dark stars, planes and space ships. Does your son love aliens? If he does, paint some on the walls. Install a space ship bed and that was all. Bon voyage!


After you have finished decorating the room in accordance to the theme you have chosen, it is time to think about the linen. I guess you realize that the bedroom linen should have the same theme as the entire room. Just make sure you choose materials that can be washed without too much effort and do not stain easily.

The most important thing when decorating the bedroom for a boy, is the theme. After you have chosen the theme, you can pick up the other elements you want to include into the bedroom accordingly.

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