Different designs for small bedrooms

Small bedrooms require more attention if you plan to redecorate it. Do not believe that it is impossible to make a small space look very comfortable and nice. On the contrary, sometimes small bedrooms can be more attractive and nice if decorated properly.

 Just choose a nice color that can create the illusion of a larger space, opt for suitable furniture and complement the room with the right accessories. In the following lines, we will preset you a few ideas that can convert your cramped space into the perfect bedroom.

 Designs for small bedrooms

Although a small bedroom usually makes you think of a crowded and overwhelming space, this is not always true. Small bedroom are sometimes more comfortable than larger spaces if decorated in the right manner. For example, the color of the walls and the furniture ca transform your small bedroom into an elegant and fashionable space. Just keep reading the following lines to see how you can do this.

 Themes for small bedrooms

One of the most popular themes you can use for your small bedroom is inspired by Asian architecture and interior design. Asian people have discovered the most interesting methods hat can make even the smaller bedroom look spacious and airy. To create the impression of larger space paint the walls in your small bedroom in burgundy or deep green; accessorize the room with curtains in a color that matches the walls. This way you will emphasize the Asian style of the room. Accessories and ornamental items usually define this style. Choose furniture made of bamboo, silk drapes and bedding and install blinds. Also, add lanterns and lamps for a more oriental look. Beside Asian, you can choose any other theme you like and want.

 Furniture for small bedrooms

The most important piece of furniture in any bedroom is the bed. Avoid installing a very large bed because it will occupy a lot of space and ill make the room look even smaller. Instead, opt for a convertible or a smaller and comfortable bed. A low-level bed is another great idea for your small bedroom because it seems smaller and hence, the room will look more spacious. For a child` bedroom have bunk beds and chest cum tables because they provide also storage space.

Other important pieces of furniture in any bedroom are dressers and closets. They are very suitable for small bedroom because they are long and do not occupy too much flooring space. For additional storage space, use the area under the bed. Take care to keep your bedroom clean and well organized.

 Colors for small bedrooms

Everyone dreams about a large and spacious bedroom. But sometimes, this dream does not come true and we need to get used to smaller spaces. But this does not mean that small bedrooms do not look attractive. It is all about the color you choose to paint the walls. Some of the most popular colors for small bedrooms are pastel and light shades. Avoid using dark colors for small bedrooms because they will make the room look even smaller. Small bedrooms for girls can be painted in soft pink. If you want to give your bedroom a relaxing and beautiful look paint the walls in cucumber greenish. Another option is to choose a duty navy shade to paint the walls of your small bedroom. Try to avoid texturing the wall paints because it will make the space look smaller.

 Lighting for small bedrooms

If you have painted the walls of your small bedroom in a light color, as suggested before, use bright lightning fixtures to cheer up the place. Have them installed as close to the bed as possible to create the illusion of a bigger space.

 How to make small bedrooms look larger

There are several ways you can make a small bedroom look spacious and airy. Read further on to discover them.

  •  Always achieve practical pieces of furniture that can serve for two or more purposes. For example, opt for a bed with several drawers to keep your bed linen and other accessories. A great idea is to have custom-made furniture for your small bedroom.
  • Do not arrange your furniture in your walking area. Choose low-level furniture to install in your room.
  • Use vertical stripes to paint the walls in your bedroom. The ceiling will look higher.
  • Install a big mirror and put it in a place in such a way that it can reflect the centerpiece of the bedroom. This way you will draw attention on your fireplace, sofa or window. Install a bigger window on the largest wall in the room to make the space look more airy.
  • Always avoid heavy curtains. Replace them with blinds because they allow more natural light to get inside the room. More light means more space.
  • Make use of all possible space and install open shelves in the walls. You can use them to keep your DVDs, CDs, books, magazines, etc.

Creating the impression of a larger space for a small bedroom is not very difficult as long as you follow these trick presented in the lines above. In fact, everything is possible.

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