Different ideas to paint the bedroom of a teenager

Teenagers have very difficult characters and usually they are very hard to please. That is why when you want to redecorate the bedroom of a teenager it is very important to ask his opinion. Usually teenagers do not like calm or shooting colors because they do not reflect their personality and age.

But this does not mean that they like very strong colors that strike the eye. If your teenager lets you choose the color for his or her bedroom, you have to ensure that you pick up the right one. In the following lines, we will present you several paint colors that are suitable for the bedroom of a teenager. This way you will be ale to make the right choice.

Primary Colors

As compared to adults who usually prefer calm and easy paint colors, teenagers like colors that represent their age and mood. One of the safest choices to paint the walls in the bedroom of teenagers is to use primary colors. You can combine red, blue or yellow with a neutral color such as tan, slate gray or pale yellow. The only thing you should take into account is the tone of the primary color you use. For example, paint one wall in cherry red or coral red and the other walls in tan. Your teenager will love this combination.

 Sunny Yellow

Another great color for a teenager’s bedroom is sunny yellow because it creates a happy and original atmosphere. To make the room more attractive, combine this color with mahogany, dark chocolate or camel. Tan and off white work also well with sunny yellow.

Teal Blue

If your teenager is a boy, avoid using feminine colors such peach, lavender or pink to decorate his personal room. Instead, use teal blue in combination with dark brown or chocolate for his bedroom.

Aubergine and wine

If your teenager is a girl, you can paint the walls in her bedroom in rose wine or aubergine. Although these are not standard colors for a woman’s room, they work well into the bedroom of a teenager girl. Combine aubergine or wine with porcelain or slate gray for a modern and elegant look.


Tones of green such as mint or lime green are two of the most suitable colors to use in a teenager’s room. Lime green is a lively and exciting color that will make a small bedroom look larger and brighter. On the other hand, mint green in combination with dark brown or dark cherry will make a bedroom for a boy look very attractive.

Tangerine and watermelon pink

Tangerine and watermelon pink work very well if used to paint the bedroom of a teenage girl. These energetic and lively tones are a good choice as long as you combine them with a neutral furniture, bedding and upholstery.

These were some of the most suitable colors you can use to paint the walls in a teenager’s bedroom. Try to choose a color that works with your teenager’s tastes and personality.

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