Fashionable ideas for bedrooms

Whether you have moved in a new house or you want to redecorate your bedroom in order to give it a fashionable look, there are a few ideas you should take into account. For example, a bedroom should include all the necessary things and elements that you need and it should have a clean and tidy look. But, the most important is that you should feel comfortable and tranquil while spending time in this room.

Read further on to find a few modern and nice ideas to decorate your bedroom.

 Modern themes for bedroom

There are many morn themes for bedroom you can choose from. Your choice depends on your tastes. If for example, your bedroom has many columns you can opt for a Greek style. One of the most popular themes used for bedrooms is Egyptian. With Egyptian theme, you have to use a lot of gold color in order to create various writings, motifs and images to decorate the walls. This way you will bring the beauty of the pyramids inside your room. Another idea is to opt for a Japanese theme. If you have a large bedroom, you can use black for a Gothic theme.

 Cool ideas for bedrooms

There are several modem ideas to decorate bedrooms and the best thing is that they are not expensive at all. Let us see some of the most popular of them.

 Paint color

Colors can influence our moods positively if they are chosen properly. That is why calm and shooting colors are the most suitable for this purpose. Pastel green, blue, cream, pastel pink and the like will give the room a comfortable and nice look. They work very well in small bedrooms because they can make the space look larger and airy. For a more attractive look use an accent color like orange, red or yellow to emphasize the beauty of your freshly painted walls.

 Fashionable furniture

If you want to give your bedroom a modern look try to install as less pieces of furniture as possible. A fashionable bedroom should include a bed, a single sofa, a wardrobe and a side table. An ottoman will also look great and it is very practical because it can serve both for sitting and storage space. Choose a sleigh bed that presents both a footboard and a headboard. Choose pieces of furniture with straight lines and avoid furniture with carvings. Straight-lined furniture will make the room look very organized and clean. As for the material, opt for wood because it is elegant and chic. More than that, wooden furniture is very durable and do not require special care. Low-level pieces of furniture is great to create an elegant and modern bedroom.


For the furnishing choose rich textures and plain, simple fabrics. The most suitable are silk and cotton fabrics. Use them for the pillows, bed sheets, draperies, curtains, etc. Cover the flooring with geometrical shaped rugs such as rhombus or amoeba, made of fur and the bed with a few pillows.


Accessories can complement the whole view of the bedroom. It can give your room an elegant and modern look if not used excessively. For example, you can opt for a long line vase made of glass filled with colorful flowers. Decorate the walls with beautiful framed photos or mirrors for a more contemporary aspect. Do not forget about lighting. Choose ceiling lights and side table lamps for an elegant bedroom. You can also install a modern chandelier with a contemporary design for a more attractive look

These were some of the most popular ideas for modern and fashionable bedrooms. Keep your partner’s tastes in mind if you plan to decorate a bedroom that you both occupy.

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