Get rid of hard water spots in your toilet

 Hard water spots may occur everywhere in the bathroom. You may see these spots on your sink, bath, shower, faucets and toilet; they look very unaesthetic and make the room look untidy. More than that, hard water spots may affect the functionality and durability of these elements.

Hard water spots occur because of a buildup on lime scale, letting an irritating crust in the areas where water remains. Although these stains are not easy to clean, here are a few tips that can help you make your toilet look like new.

To accomplish your task you will need rubber gloves, wire/string, thin rubber mat, white vinegar, lime scale cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, toilet scrubbing brush and Brillo pad.

 Getting ready

Hard water stains and scale affect almost any toilet, especially in the places where water can settle. While the water evaporates, the lime it contains gets dry, thus creating hard water sots. The most affected areas are below the rim of the toilet and around the upper part of the water line. The first thing you need to do is to flush the toilet after you have lifted the lid off the tank.

 Empty the tank

Empty the tank of your toilet by raising the ball cock and keeping it in this position with the help of a wire or string. This way you will prevent the water to fill the tank. When the tank is water free, flush your toilet in order to empty the bowl too.

 Plug the hole

In order to prevent any liquid getting into the waste pipe, utilize the thin rubber matting in the hole of the toilet. Now, you have to plug the hole very well. After you finish, add a large amount of undiluted white vinegar into the bowl; the vinegar quantity should exceed the level of the water line. Leave the vinegar there for about twelve hours to clean the scale and hard water spots.

 Brush the toilet

After twelve hours, clean the spots with the help of a hard bristle toilet brush. If you do not have one, utilize a heavy abrasive cleaning pad or a Brillo pad. Although porcelain is a very resistant material, clean the toilet very carefully to prevent any scratching occur.

 Clean the rim

The hardest area you need to clean is below the rim. One of the best and effective ideas is to use a special cleaner for lime scale and to squirt it up into the rim. This cleaner will dissolve the hard water spots and scale.

 Prevent hard water spots occur

If you want to prevent hard water spots occur, put white vinegar into your toilet tank every seven days. Fill one third of the tank with water and add white vinegar to fill it to the level. To do that hold the ball cock up after the tank is one third filled with water and release it after you have added vinegar.

 Flush the toilet

Now, you need to flush the toilet to make the white vinegar get into the bowl. To prevent any hard water spots occur in the future, utilize a lime scale-cleaning product especially made for toilet bowls. You can also use bleach to whiten the stains, but you should know that it would not remove the spots from your toilet completely.

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