Give your bedroom a personal touch

Although you may ask the help of an interior designer to decorate your bedroom, where is the fun? There is no doubt that specialized people can make your bedroom look very modern and chic, but the result may have something missing. Moreover, that thing is your personal touch. If you want to customize your bedroom, here are a few ideas that can help you.

The main purpose of a bedroom is to make its owner feel very relaxed and comfortable. This is the most private room in the house, the place where you can be yourself and where you spend most of your time after a hard day at work. The interior design of the bedroom, including here the theme, color scheme, furniture and other elements inside, can influence your mood and state of mind in a very good way. At the same time, the bedroom should reflect your tastes, your personality; it should be a piece of yourself.

If you add some personality to your bedroom, here are a few ideas that can help you

One of the funniest and practical ideas to personalize your bedroom is to install a welcoming note. If you like people to come into your room, you can add a welcoming note that invites them in. if on the contrary you do not like anybody to get inside your bedroom you can write a message such as” Private space. Do not pass”. If you are a funny person, an amusing message will be great. Another idea is to pick up those who are allowed to enter into your bedroom. Place one of these messages somewhere for your visitors to see when they open the door. You can even place this type of messages on the outer side of your door. Great ideas, don’t you think?

If you want to make your bedroom look perfect, do not start redecorating it without a previous plan. If you have a hobby, you can use this as a theme for your room. Books, planes, music, ocean, animals, nature, pirate, superheroes, countryside, volcanoes, exotic places are just a few themes you can use for your bedroom. It depends on you what you are interested in and which you like best. Just let your imagination and creativity free!

As we all know, colors are not used just to make a room more beautiful, but they can also influence your mood. Avoid painting your room into a boring tone. Instead, use a bright and cheerful tone that can make you feel cheerful and comfortable. Paint three walls in one bright color and use a neutral one for the fourth wall. Decorate this wall with a texture or a pattern that you like for a more attractive room. The best solution is to choose a contrasting color for this wall.

Lighting is one of the most important elements that can complement the aspect of any bedroom. a bad and improper lighting can make you want to stay as away as possible from your room. You can install sconces near your wall paintings to emphasize them. Another option is to use lanterns and stringing fairy lights to make your paintings more visible. Also, you can add lampshades of different dimensions and shapes. Hidden or torn lighting are also ideas you can take into consideration. In addition, you can install different colors for lighting to make your bedroom more interesting and relaxing.

Another interesting idea you can use to customize your bedroom is to decorate it with photos and pictures you have taken during your trips or with your family and closed friends. You can also make a collage with your favorite pictures and use dark-colored frames for them. Hang them against a light background to highlight them. Another great idea is to put different posters representing your favorite places or idols, cars and the like.

An ingenious idea is to decorate the room with paintings that you have made with your own hands. Adding nice and beautiful curtains and drapes can also improve the aspect of your bedroom. Frame your bed with shinny curtains or just use a curtain to divide your study and your relaxing spaces.

I am sure that you have never thought about having a graffiti wall into your bedroom. Use one wall and paint a part of it in oil paint. This way, any crayon or marker message can be easily removed. Write on this wall every day whatever you want and feel. You can also write the name of your favorite writer, car, book or all your wishes. You can also ask your friends to write messages on this wall. It is the funniest way to personalize your room.

When you choose your furniture, make sure that it works well with the theme of the room. the best idea is to opt for pieces of furniture made of wood or wicker. For more personality, you can have your furniture made especially for you in a unique and creative style. Bookshelves are also very important to decorate your bedroom. And there are a lot of designs you can choose from. Pick up floating bookshelves or practical bookshelves that can provide enough storage space for your things. Include also a beautiful wardrobe into your bedroom, but make sure you keep it clean and dust free. To complement the room, add a nice and bright rug on the flooring.

Decorate your room with your favorite accessories and ornaments. You can use quilted wall hangings, wind chimes and dream catchers for this purpose.. have all your CDs and DVDs stored in plastic covers above your audio-video system to keep them at hand. Decorate the walls with posters representing your favorite country, landscape, animal, actor, etc. let your room say all about you!

The most important things you should take into account when decorating your bedroom are the budget and the comfort. All the elements in the room have to make you feel very comfortable. And of course, do not exceed your available budget.

Keep in mind all these ideas mentioned before and make your bedroom say all you want about you. Your friends and family will love it!

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