Handmade bed skirts

Many people store their unused things such as old reviews, books, or games under the bed and at a given moment, you realize that they are quite visible. The problem is that everyone who gets into the room can see the mess under your bed. If your room is quite small and the space under the bed is the only place available to store your stuff, try to hide them making a bed skirt.

This way you will hide all these things and will make your bed look nicer and more sophisticated. And the best thing is that there are many different bed skirt colors and patterns available on the market, so finding one that works with the style in your room will not be a problem. You can also find sets, which come with pillow covers, bed sheets, bed skirt and comforters.

How to do it

  1.  The first thing you need to do is to pick up a suitable color and fabric for your bed skirt.
  2. Remove the mattress from the bed and put into another room.
  3. The cheapest way to make the non-visible part of the bed skirt is to use a piece of fabric that you do not use anymore. If you do not have one, buy it from a local store in your area.
  4. Take the piece of fabric and put it in place making sure that the sides of the fabric touch the sides of the box spring. Start folding the piece of fabric from the bottom and make sure you keep the same width of the fold. In addition, the space between each fold should be the same.
  5. Make ordered creases by taking the piece of fabric to the ironing board.
  6. Go to a local store and achieve the material for the bed skirt. Keep in mind the dimensions of the two sides of the bed and buy more material than necessary.
  7. Before placing the flat piece of fabric and the material for the bed skirt together, you have to know that every part of material needs a hem at the bottom.
  8. Pin the two materials together before taking them to the sewing machine. This way you will get a professional finish for your bed skirt.
  9. Take the mattress and put it in place. Place the bed skirt on the top of the mattress and that was all!

As you have seen, it is quite simple to make a bed skirt for a day bed. But, bed skirts can also be made for many other pieces of furniture to hide stored things and to add a piece of elegance to the room. This is a good idea you can apply to a toddler bed in order to hide stored toys. Also you can have a bed skirt for your baby’s crib. The entire nursery will look amazing as long as you match the color scheme in the room.


The most practical bed skirts are those that need no sewing. All you have to do is to attach a Velcro strip to the railing of the bed at the proper height so that the skirt slightly touches the flooring. In order to keep it in place, fix it with pins.

How to wash bed skirts

Before washing, your bed linen read very carefully the manufacturer’s instructions. Follow these instructions if you want to keep your bed skirt clean and safe. Use the exact quantity of detergent, as the manufacturer suggests. Also, make sure that you iron the bed skirt as written in the instructions. You can also opt for dry cleaning if you have doubts about washing your bed linen.

This is all about making and maintaining a bed skirt.

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