Helping a air conditioner to work

Every year, we are facing summer and the raised temperature that comes with the season. The air conditioners bring us relief and comfort. But, the hot weather and the humidity in the air make the apparatus work slower and consume more energy than it should be doing.

You can ease the load on your AC by lowering the temperatures inside.

For example, be sure to have a cleaned furnace or filters for the air handler.

Another way to go is to apply heat-reflecting film on the windows that receive direct sunlight, place in the attic a foil radiant barrier and upgrade the overall insulation.

Consider seeding around the house tall trees, bushes and other large plants.

Returning to the windows, install shades or coverings.

Create circulation of the air – use a ceiling fan, whole house fan, the „Fan Only” option of the ventilation system in the house.

There are also ways to reduce the humidity in the air. Avoid having showers, cooking or washing in the middle of the day.

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