How to Build Your Own Ozone Generator

Earth’s ozone layer protects it from many harmful factors like ultraviolet rays and it consists of ozone, a corrosive colorless gas. Many people have started making their own ozone generators because of the degradation of the ozone layer or simply to help rid of a fungus, bacteria or mildew, but, whatever the reason, you should proceed carefully as the generator uses a big amount of electricity. Remember that prolonged exposure to ozone can be dangerous and that in humid areas they might lead to corrosion.

Gather the tools and materials you need: a plug, alligator clips, a 3000 to 7500 volt transformer, copper, brass and aluminum scrap foil or used razor blades, a large glass jar and a small one which should fit snugly in the large one, cords or wires, a glue gun of high temperature and a wooden board (or any other insulator) on which to mount the transformer.

Now put the scrap that you have in the small jar, completely covering its base, then do the same for the large jar as well. Place the small jar in the big one and glue them together, then place them and the transformer on the wooden board.

Place alligator clips to the ends of the wire, plug them to the end of the transformer lead and apply a clip to the aluminum foil inside the large jar and one to the foil inside the small jar. As a result one end of both wires should be connected to the transformer and the other ends each in a different jar making sure they do not touch each other.

Now fix the assembly to the board and plug it in. You are sure your device is working well when you hear crackling noise from the generator, can smell the ozone or observe a purple or blue emission if placed somewhere dark. If the emission is yellow then you should change the jar as it is probably broken.

Do not replace the jar while the generator is plugged in and generally don’t forget to unplug it!

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