How to choose curtains for bedrooms

Decorating a bedroom requires a lot of attention, especially when you pick up the accessories. The curtains for example, are one of the most important elements that can give a bedroom a comfortable and inviting look. Let us find out more about various types of curtains you can use to decorate your room.


When picking up the curtains for the bedroom, take into account the size and the style of the room. You also should consider the amount of natural light you want to get inside the bedroom. Curtains are used for decorative purpose and, at the same time, to provide you the privacy you need while spending time into your room, especially if you live in a city.

Curtains for small windows

If your bedroom has a small window, opt for long curtains that cover the window entirely. This way you will create the illusion of a larger window. Another option is to choose semi-translucent materials such as a flat roman shade for your small window. This curtain style allows you to see the outside landscape during day. If you want more privacy, add a blackout lining under the fabric.

 Curtains for large windows

Curtains for large windows require a lot of material. If you want, you can use several sheets of sheers for the curtains to cover partially the window. Use a heavy panel of fabrics to provide sufficient support. Multi-layered curtains will make the windows look more attractive. Fabric valances made of hard boards provided with heavy fabric padding is another great option.

Curtains for arched windows

If you have arched windows, you do not necessarily need to cover them, especially if they are facing the backyard. Just use a roman shade made of a thin textured material to cover that part of the window placed below the half circle. Another option is to put a long rod on the wall next to the ceiling and hang light and long weight curtains. This way you will emphasize the beauty of the window and you will be able to pull the curtains away every time you want. You can also replace the lightweights with sheers for the curtains. However, you need some privacy for the windows if they are facing the street for example. As a result, you may want to cover the window with curtains.

 Curtains for bay windows

When you choose curtains for your bay window, make sure that they do not affect the bay shape. One great option is to hang several sheer panels on each part of the window. This curtain type will provide you enough privacy and will let enough natural light to get into the room. Another great option is to achieve a café style curtain to cover only a part of the window. For a more colorful look, add valance at the highest part of the bay window. Just make sure that the color of the valance works well with the color of the café curtain. You can also choose a contrasting color for the valance.

 Curtains for French doors

French doors do not provide enough privacy, that it is why you need to cover them with suitable curtains. Just make sure that you pass through the door easily even if you add curtains. Sheers, muslin and silk are the most popular materials used to create curtains for French doors. A great option is to install curtains with lace for your French door. If you do not like this type of curtain, you can replace it with French polyester voile, which can diffuse the light very nicely due to its special texture. More than that, this material is very easy to clean.

Choosing the right curtain for different window types can be a challenging task. But, once you have finished, your bedroom will look absolutely fantastic.

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