How to decorate a bedroom in Asian style

If you are bored with the design in your bedroom and you want something more attractive, you can try to use Asian style. The best thing about this style is that it is suitable both for small and large bedrooms. So, if you have a small bedroom you can decorate it in an Asian style.

Let us see some great ideas you can use in order to implement Asian style for your room.

Asian color scheme

Asian style means elegance, color and brightness. The most popular colors used with this style are gold and red. If you want to add a touch of drama to your bedroom, color the walls in red and paint golden stripes. As for the furnishing, off-white with red or golden prints is the perfect choice. For a more attractive look, you can use a softer green for the furbishing. You can also use a combination of green and yellow for a special look. Another great color schemes for Asian style are red and beige or black and red. These combinations can bring your bedroom to live, making it look astonishing. Opt for semi-transparent striped floor in black and white. To complement the room, add curtains in the same combination of colors.

Asian inspired bedding

When you choose the bedding, make sure it matches the theme in the bedroom. It is obvious that the bedding should have the same Asian style as the rest of the room.

Usually Asian style for bedding can be found in lacy and frilly patterns. One of the most representative designs is repetitive block prints or prints. As for the colors, brown, black, red, green and cream are perfect. Elegant materials like satin, brocade and silk also represent Asian style.

 Asian inspired furniture

Low-leveled furniture in dark colors like earthy brown and black is Asian. Another great idea is to install bamboo furniture into your bedroom. Bamboo furniture will work perfectly if you have painted the wall in green. For the black and red color scheme, install dark brown cabinets made of wood. Off –white cabinets are also a great choice. The best option is to achieve sets made especially for this style. Usually, an Asian inspired bedroom includes a bed, side tables, cabinets, a dressing table and one wardrobe. This way you will know for sure that they match each other.

A representative element for Asian style is paper lantern. Therefore, you can use them as decorations for your Asian inspired bedroom. You can also use other decorations such as wall hangings, bamboo trays, bamboo plants, etc.

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