How to decorate a bedroom in black and white

Would you like a real amazing bedroom, one that draws the attention of your friends and creates a luxurious space for you and your partner? Try decorating your bedroom in black and white, the yin and yang of life, two opposite colors complementing each other.  White provides the illusion of a bigger space, meanwhile black gives the room a dramatic touch. Combined, they can create a unique and modern bedroom.

Types of black and white furniture

You can use black and white for any item in the bedroom: walls, flooring and furniture, according to your imagination. Combine the two to create interesting color patterns on the walls. When it comes to furniture, you have multiple choices: black bed with black and white bed sheets, pure black bed covers with white pillows, zebra patterned blanket or a white bed with a black headrest.

Another thing you must have in mind when decorating your black and white bedroom is the lighting. There are various types available, from lampshades to lamp lighting. If it comes to lampshades, they must be white combined with black lamp stands or spotted lamp stands. Another alternative is to hang lights on the side of your bed, but remember that everything must be kept simple.

Finding the best wardrobe is not very difficult; you can buy a white wardrobe with black doors or a black one with white doors. I would not recommend patterns here, because it may be too much.

Accessories are essential in a black and white bedroom. One must have a modern black TV or a home theater, white curtains with white flooring. If you want a touch of color and you have a bolder personality, try adding a spot of darkish-maroon or a darker shade of violet. Some plants can help too.

So, if you have a unique personality and like these sophisticated combinations try bringing your bedroom to life and get rid of your boring old designs.

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