How to decorate a black and white bedroom

One of the most beautiful and contrasting color combinations you can use to decorate your bedroom is black and white. Many people believe that black and white are the most suitable and elegant colors you can use in a room. If you want to apply this style to your bedroom, take care because you can get unpleasant results if you do not use these colors wisely.

Here are some tips:

Decoration ideas 

The walls, furniture accessories and flooring are the fourth main elements you should take into consideration if you plan to decorate your bedroom in black and white. The first thing you need to do is to decide the theme of the room. You may want to create a vintage style, a contemporary style, a French country style, a modern style or a cottage style. This element will influence your next actions and the way you decorate your room.

The walls

 To create a perfect black and white bedroom style, here are a few suggestions that can help you. Keep in mind that you do not have to exaggerate with black when it comes to wall painting. Covering all your walls in black is not a good idea because the result will be very unpleasant. Black, and all dark colors, can make a large space look very small and overwhelming. Instead, you can paint the wall behind your bed in deep mat black and the others in ivory white. The black wall will be the focal point. You can also choose different patterns or black and white nature to decorate the walls in your bedroom.


 When it comes to flooring, there are many possibilities you can use. For example, you can opt for slate flooring in a dark color to work with your black wall or on the contrary, you can choose elegant white flooring. There is also the possibility to install simple black or white flooring in combination with glazing marble flooring. Another idea is to choose black flooring with white polka dots on it or white flooring with black polka dots on it. For a modern and contemporary look, install black or white flooring made of polished wood. For those who like to experiment, magenta, deep purple, dark brown or dark red flooring will look great.


 After you have finished with painting and flooring, it is high time to choose the furniture. And the most important element is the bed. Choose one in a black or white; never combine these two colors for the bed.  You can have side tables, dressing tables and study tables colored in a combination of black and white. Pick up a white left side table and a black right side table to emphasize the beauty of your bedroom. If you want your bedroom to have a modern look, choose clean and polished furniture. For a retro or classic look, antique and arched furniture is what you need. If you opt for a wardrobe that presents sliding doors (it is a very good idea), you can have a contrasting color for each door. Last, but not least, make sure that the bedroom door is also in the same black and white style.


 Accessorizing a black and white bedroom is very easy as long as your decorations are in the same style in the room. You can use matching curtains, carpet, bedding, area rug, painting frames, wall hangings, lampshades and lamps, tables with black carvings, plates, candles vases, etc. These elements have to be in contrast with the background. Depending on your accent wall, you can also use flower vases, lampshades and area rugs in the same style. The main idea is to use only as many accessories as necessary; you do not have to use all of them because the bedroom will look overwhelming. Let your imagination and creativity free to make a relaxing and beautiful bedroom.

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