How to decorate bedrooms for men

There are various colors to choose from when it comes to decorate the bedroom for a man. The most important thing to take into consideration is what the respective man likes and what kind of person he is before starting decorating his room. The right color must reflect his personality and taste.

However, a color has many shades and tones. Therefore, choosing a suitable tone is also important to create a lively, tranquil or warm effect according to a man’s character.

Masculine colors and combinations


Blue is always associated with masculine look. Using this color to decorate the bedroom for a man, will create a peaceful atmosphere and will help the owner relax after a tensed day at work. Topaz blue, powder blue, hot electric or classy ocean blue can be used successfully for this purpose. You can also combine a light blue with lemon yellow or white; blue and gray make also a good job if used together. Add suitable curtains to complement the room.


Brown is a neutral color that will always make a good job if used in a man’s bedroom. If you have brown walls, wooden furniture will fit perfectly into the room. A combination of brown-chocolate and grayish-brown color will make the bedroom look excellent; adding grayish-brown curtains with strident dark brown prints on it will create a masculine aspect for the bedroom. All you need to complete this ideal view is to add some antique wooden furniture.


If you want your bedroom to have an elegant design, grey is what you need to use. An advantage of using gray is that you can utilize a multitude of colors that work well with it.  For example, add a few sections of white, lemon yellow, taupe, off white, etc, to your gray walls. It is to be mentioned that there are several tones of gray to choose from such as green blue, gray tint, wolf gray, charcoal gray, stone harbor, ash gray, magnetic gray, etc.


If you are not sure which is the best color for the bedroom of a man, pick up white. This color will allow you to change the color scheme, furnishings and arrangements in the bedroom as often as you want. Add dark-colored curtains, bedding, rugs or cabinets to your white walls to make the room more beautiful.


Usually, black is the right color for a boy’s bedroom. A combination between black and white is always fashionable and lively. Just add some curtains in the same combination of colors; to spice up the room a little, add some decorative objects. If you do not like any of the colors and combinations mentioned before, use green, orange, yellow or peach to decorate the bedroom for a man. Just ensure that you pick up suitable furniture to work with the color of the walls.

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