How to decorate black and white bedrooms

If you want to have a black and white bedroom, you are free doing it. The bedroom is your personal room and you can decorate it the way you want. Read the following lines to discover several ideas about how to decorate black and white bedrooms.

Decoration ideas for teenage girls black and white bedrooms

If you plan to decorate your teenage girl’s black and white bedroom, here are some interesting ideas that can help you.

  • When it comes to walls, you can have them painted in white for a bright look. Depending on your girl’s personality, she may prefer have all the walls painted in black. You can also use different black and white designs and patterns to decorate the walls. For example, you can paint the walls in white and decorate them with pitch-black prints representing butterflies, flowers, stars or birds. Another option is to keep all the walls black and to add white prints. Either way, the bedroom will look beautiful!
  • Use black and white for the flooring. If you want to emphasize the furniture and other accessories in the room, choose white flooring. You can also pick up flooring with different designs for a more attractive look.
  • Another important element to take into account is the furniture. Install a simple black bed and cover it with black and white bedding. Use a combination of both these colors for the dressing table, study table and side tables. If one color is more predominant, it will look absolutely great! For example, you can choose a completely white dressing table with black handles or knobs. To emphasize the black and white effect, add lamps in an accent color.
  • Choose all your accessories such as curtains, lamps, carpets, paintings and pictures very wisely to keep a clean look of the room. Pick up an opposite color for your accessories than the color of the background. For example, if your walls are black, choose curtains that contain more white designs. Choose a white lamp if you have black side tables.

 Ideas for vintage black and white bedrooms

If you want a style that includes both modern and vintage elements for your bedroom, vintage black and white is what you need for your bedroom.

  •  Use classy toile fabrics to decorate the walls in your bedroom. You will make your space have an 18th century French aspect.
  •  Install white flooring with black polka dots on it. Another option is to have checked flooring with both black and white colors.
  • The furniture is one of the most important elements in any room. Choose vintage pieces of furniture in black and white and metallic accessories. Achieve a nice chandelier and search carved and arc designs to give your bedroom a vintage look.
  • As for the accessories, there are many ways you can use them. For example, choose toile or flower print curtains for the window. Put a nice jewelry box or and lamp on your black carved dressing table. Decorate the room with classy pictures and paintings. Also, add several ornamental items such as cups, plates, vases, for a vintage look.

 Ideas for modern black and white bedrooms

A black and white bedroom has always been very trendy and popular. It is truth that during time, the style and approach have changed, but the beauty that these two colors can create into bedrooms has always been the same. In the following lines, we will present you several modern black and white tips.

If you want a modern black and white bedroom, do not use patterns and designs on the walls. You can paint one wall in black and white horizontal stripes and the rest of the walls in one of these two colors. This way you will emphasize your accent wall and the accessories you use to decorate the room.

For the flooring use only black and white, do not combine these two colors. As for the materials, use polished white hardwood or polished black hardwood. Black or white ceramic tiles are also a good choice for the flooring.

When choosing the furniture for your modern black and white bedroom, keep in mind two aspects: classy and simple. Do not achieve furniture with designs and carvings because it will not fit into your bedroom. The best option is to choose Italian furniture in black or white. Opt for a wardrobe that presents sliding doors for a modern and attractive look.

Now, it is time to pick up the accessories. If you have black flooring, buy a white carpet. White flooring works well with a black carpet. Decorate your black walls with white picture frames. If you have painted your walls in white, use black picture frames.  Achieve white lampshades for your black side-tables. This way your accessories will complement the background.

These were a few ideas that can give your black and white bedroom a modern and classy look.

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