How to decorate your bedroom

Are you trying to find the best decoration ideas for your bedroom? There is a wide variety of choices you can pick from, depending on your budget and preferences.  This article will provide you some creative ideas for redecorating a boring bedroom.

Decorating the walls

If you want a new bedroom look and you are on low budget, repainting the walls is probably the best idea.

But, before doing this think carefully about the colors and tones you want to use because any mistake can ruin everything.  For a relaxing, intimate room you should use neutral tones, but if you want a cheerful, bold space, go for strong colors combined with complimentary shades as highlights. These colors must reflect your personality and needs.

Useful ideas for windows

It does not matter if you have large, French windows or smaller, compact ones. There are some tips that you can use to decorate them according to your bedroom style. The easiest thing to do is to paint the window frames in complementary colors or cling vines and creepers. Another alternative is to add curtains, without obstructing the light. For big windows, a creative idea is to add vintage railing from cast or wrought iron. Remember that you do not want to heap the room with too much accessories, is better to keep it simple.

Draperies and linen

Use draperies that flow down from the bed headboards. This is a good idea for hiding mold spots on your bedroom walls. Recommended colors for the bedroom coverlets and duvets are cherry and bright tones.  Instead of two or more small pillows is better to use just one long one for a better aspect of the bed. Also white satin is a must have in a bedroom.

Ideas on light fixtures and furniture

For a calm and relaxing atmosphere, purchase one or two spotlights, as well as some artistic lamps that you can find it at good prices in flea markets. Depending on your personality, you can go for antique lamps or more modern ones.

When it comes to furniture, there are lots of alternatives, designer or vintage pieces, but first make sure they work with the rest of the room. Than look for those which occupy little space and have lots of storage room. For a comfortable ambient you can add a chaise lounge or upholstered chairs.

Important accessories

As you know, small things make a big difference, so by adding small items like candles, candle holders, picture frames or fresh flowers you can transform a room. Also build tall glass hairdressers or try hanging some houseplants.

Remember to be creative and make your own designs, using everything you find and like. A bedroom is your own, personal space and it should look according to your tastes.

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