How to decorate your bedroom at low cost

Many people believe that redecorating their bedroom is an expensive project. But, as a matter of fact, there are many decoration ideas that are both cheap and beautiful. You can choose inexpensive, cheap sets that many manufacturers produce for their customers or you can customize your bedroom by yourself.

In the following lines we will present you several ideas to add some personality to your private room for free. This way you will enjoy your work and will help you save money.

Rearrange stuff

One of the simplest and easiest ways to transform completely the aspect of your bedroom is to change the place of the furniture. Rearrange each piece of furniture in different ways and places until you are satisfied with the result. The best thing about this decoration idea is that it is a funny way to give your bedroom a new look. In addition, it will not cost you anything.

Remove old furniture

Another good idea to redecorate your bedroom is to remove old and unused pieces of furniture. Besides the fact that they crowd the space, they are also useless. Your room will look more spacious and airy if you get rid of this furniture. Instead, achieve an accent table and use it as a focal point of the room. As for the material, use a table made of wrought iron if you want to give your bedroom a graceful look. Choose wooden tables if you have a strong personality.

Accent the focal points

Usually, the bed is the focal point in a bedroom. So, accessorizing this piece of furniture is another option to personalize your room. There are many different ways to do that. For example, you can add a patterned panel at the head of your bed. You may also paint the wall at the head of the bed in an accent color. If you have doubts about these ideas you can simply change the sheets and covers of the bed to make the room more cheerful. Just make sure you do not choose a bedroom set that presents exaggerate prints because it will make the room look overfull.


Another option you should take into account if you want to give your bedroom a new look is painting it. One of the most suitable and beautiful colors to use in your bedroom are ivory or off white. With one of these colors you will surely make your space look brighter. To complement your style, add some earthy accents in the room. If you believe that these colors do not reflect your personality or you do not like them, opt for vivid colors. They work just fine with white walls.

Change the drapes

Changing your drapes with new ones can also be very helpful when redecorating your bedroom. Go to a specialized store to see different patterns and fabrics in order to choose a product that works best in your room. A combination of sheer and thick drapes is a good choice for an immediate satisfaction.  If you have a small bedroom, avoid dark and heavy drapes because they will create the illusion of an even smaller space.

 Good lightning

Lightning is an important element in any room of the house, not only in the bedroom. People usually choose white lightening because it brightens the room instantly. But, if you want to create a romantic and special atmosphere in your bedroom, yellow light is a good option. No matter what you choose, the main idea is that good lightening is one of the easiest ways to change the look of your bedroom.

 Decorate the walls

Adding pictures or paintings on your bedroom walls is a fast method to redecorate your space. Using decals with different quotes for this task is also an idea you should take into account. You can place one instead of the panel at the head of your bed and paint that wall in an accent color to emphasize that area.


Another great idea to bring your bedroom to life is to add one or more vases with flower. You can choose flowers in the same color as the walls in the room, flowers of the same type or whatever you want. You can even change the flowers every day or in accordance to your mood and state of mind. A bunch of colorful flowers will also make your space more cheerful and happy. The possibilities are unlimited.

Before choosing any expensive decoration for your bedroom, take into account these cheap ideas we have presented in the lines above. You will see that they are worth your attention!

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