How to design your own media shelves units

If you own a large media collection, but you do not want to crowd your space, building a media wall-unit shelves will be very helpful for you. Besides the fact that you will have a storage place, you can choose the dimension you want for your project and pick up the right design to work with your room style.

Materials and tools:

  •  fine-grit sandpaper
  •  1 1/2-inch wood screws
  •  nail gun
  • measuring tape

Steps to follow:

  •  Find out the total number of your CDs and DVDs and divide it by two.
    This way you will determine the size of each shelf to store your collection.
  • Use a measuring tape to find out the size of the wall where you want to install your unit. Check out to see if there is enough space to store your CDs and DVDs by comparing these two measurements; if you own more CDs and DVDs than the available storage place you should build more shelves.
  • Utilize a circular saw to cut two pieces of ½ – inch plywood. Make sure they are six inch high and more than six inch depth. You will use them for one CD wall-unit shelves.
  • Cut out two pieces of ½-inch plywood with a circular saw. The length and the depth of the CD wall-unit are optional. Put these pieces vertically on their biggest narrow edges and sandwich them between the ends to result a rectangular shape. This will be the frame of your unit.
  • Use nails to fix the top of the frame and the lowest panels into the side panels.
  • Find out the length and height of your CS shelf and use cut plywood to fit these dimensions for the back panel. Arrange the pieces of plywood to fit perfectly into the place. Drive nails from the nail gun to fasten the plywood panel. In order to create the number of shelves you need, repeat Step 2 through Step 5.
  • Utilize interior-grade latex paint to change the color of your shelves. You can use one or more colors to do this job. Let the paint get dry very well.
  • Determine the dimensions of the needed position for every wall unit shelves on the respective wall with a measuring tape. Make some marks with a pencil to point the middle part of each unit to hang.
  • Find present wall studs with a stud finder and utilize a pencil to mark their place on the wall.
  • Make sure that the back panel is flat against the wall when you put your media shelves in place. Use a level to ensure that the highest part of each shelf is put in place correctly before fixing them with wood screws.
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