How to give the bedroom of a boy a cool look

When it comes to bedroom, many people prefer them to be simple and classy, while others love bright and colorful spaces. But for all of them, the bedroom is the most private place in the house where thy spend most of their time after a hard day at work. There are many activities you can do while staying into your bedroom.

For example, you can read, listen to music, play games or browse the internet. There are many ways you can decorate your bedroom. For example, you may choose a certain theme, wall color and furniture that matches with both these elements or you may like more unconventional styles that do not require a match between the furniture and the style of the room. Boys usually like to add personality to their bedrooms so that their room should be a reflection of their likes. Here are some cool bedrooms ideas that can help you decorate the bedroom for a boy.

 Cool tips

Usually, boys spend a lot of their free time inside their bedroom listening to music or playing games. Almost any boy has an MP3 player and several video games inside his room. They love to have all these stuff at hand so that they can use them as often as they want.

 Cool colors

One of the most important things you must consider when decorating any bedroom is the color scheme. You can pant the walls in a color you like and install furniture in a matching color. A greater idea is to have the walls painted in your favorite color and to achieve furniture in a contrasting tone. This way you will emphasize every detail in the room. For a boy’s bedroom, you can use any neutral color, blue, gray, beige or green. For a brighter look, lemon or light orange are nice alternatives. However, you should not use them because they will not work with your interiors. A good idea is to paint the walls in red and install dark furniture. Complement the room with light curtains. Bright tones of blue or yellow will be great if you plan to use them in a little boy’s bedroom. Opt for furniture in a bright color too. Little guys love bright and colorful spaces.

 Cool linens

Another important element that can give a boy’s bedroom a beautiful aspect is the linen. Let us begin with the bed sheets and curtains. Gray and black are beautiful colors that can be used for bed liens. Your boy will love them. You can also have bed sheets and curtains in olive green and a darker shade of blue. Use mauve and dark maroon for the curtains. For a tidy look, match the colors of the curtains and those of the bed linen. You can also cover the flooring with a carpet; just make sure that its color works with the furniture and the linen. A dark tone of any neutral color is the best choice for the carpet. You can use these great ideas to decorate the bedroom for our teenage boy too.

 Cool furniture

Any bedroom should include several pieces of furniture such as a bed, a dresser, a wardrobe or a close and a couch or a sofa. Pick up wooden furniture because it works well with any bedroom style. More than that, it is very durable and do not require special care. Mahogany, oak, maple, teak or timber ca be used for your boy’s furniture. You can also achieve pieces of furniture made of rot iron if you like black.


Accessories like CD racks, bookshelves, beanbags, magazine racks, shoe stand and table lamps are practical elements that can give any bedroom a completely new look. Besides these necessary things, you can also include laundry hampers, posters, paintings, trash bins or room fresheners to make your boy’s bedroom look very cool. You can arrange musical instruments in one corner of the room to make it look more interesting. Decorate the dresser with picture frames and put the lamps next to the bedside table. In the corners of the room, you can place potted plants or potpourri for a masculine look. Do not forget about the lighting. The right light can make the bedroom look very cool and comfortable.

If you follow these cool tips to decorate the bedroom for a boy, he will surely thank you. Just let your creativity free and take into account his tastes and personality to create the bedroom he has always dreamed about.

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