How to paint the bedroom walls

You got bored of the same dull colors in your bedroom and want to make a change? The easiest way for a complete makeover is to repaint the bedroom walls.

Choose the right color

The bedroom walls color is very important in setting the atmosphere, so you should choose one according to your personality and the message you want the room to transmit. Do not forget that it must work well with the furniture, accessories and decorations.

Most commonly used are shades of green and blue, providing a more natural and warm look. You can also use taupe or a color combination of taupe and black or any other dark color, as well as pinstripes for a better visual effect.

If you decided for a tone of orange or yellow, which enlightens the room, is better to use accessories in dark green or blue. Do not choose black, red or lime because these colors bring a dramatic touch to a bedroom, maybe too much for a space with a relaxing purpose.

Some ideas for painting a bedroom

When painting bedroom walls you have the freedom of using just one color or different colors on each wall. The one behind the bed is the most important so is better to paint it in a single color, different from the others. Interesting color combinations are brown and blue with a calming effect, pink and aqua blue, lavender and lilac, white and blue. Also try using various tones of the same color on different walls, this will look very nice.

The accent wall of the room must be painted in a different color than the others. Interesting ideas are red, poppy seed black or ivory moss green. You can choose faux painting such as stone finishing, murals or Venetian plaster. Use wood to divide the wall in different sections and paint them in complementary tones for a bolder look.

If we are talking about a child bedroom is better if we ask him first what he wants. Next, you can opt for warm colors and personalized writings or drawings on the walls. For girls one can draw butterflies, flowers or rainbows, as for boys, they love sports and cars, so one of this should satisfy his tastes.

It is important that the person using the bedroom identifies his/herself with the atmosphere created by the combination of colors. You can free your imagination, put your own ideas in this project and the result will be perfect.

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