How to paint the walls of a girl’s bedroom

When painting the walls of a girl’s room, you should first decide whether there is a Victorian or modern style you want to use. You can choose the right color in accordance with the style in her bedroom. Usually, girls prefer light colors and elegant accessories.

This action has to be repeated from time to time because your girl is on her way to become an elegant woman. You cannot keep the same color for the bedroom as that when she was five years old. Girls need a change periodically. As they grow up, their tastes and likes change. Therefore, it is very important to choose a color for her bedroom that expresses her personality and age. Here are a few ideas that can help you.

Different bedroom colors for girls according to age group

 Little girls are very impressed with fairy tales, princesses and all that is fantastic and interesting. So why don’t you use one of her interests as a theme for her bedroom? Although pink is a very feminine color you can use to paint the bedroom of a girl, you should also try to experiment something new. Depending on the age group, here are a few color combinations you can use for your purpose.

1 to 6 Years

  Girls who get into this category are fascinated with fairy tales, dolls, all kinds of toys and invisible friends. One of the most popular colors you can use to paint the walls of your little girl’s bedroom is pink. If you want to use something less conventional, lavender, cream, lilac, beige and any neutral color will work very well. To make the bedroom more attractive and develop her creativity and imagination, you can paint or draw cartoon characters and princesses on the walls. She will be so happy with that!

7 to 13 Years

At this age, girls like reading SF books, listening to music or spending a lot of time in nature and around animals. Because of all her passions, you can use fresh and attractive colors to make her bedroom very attractive. You can paint the walls in one of  beautiful tones of the rainbow such as red, orange, yellow, violet, blue, indigo or green; it will make her room full of life and cheerful. Also, you can create nice designs and patterns with the help of stencils, stripes or any painting technique.

14 Years onwards

 If your girl is more than fourteen years old, she is already a teenager. The best idea is to ask her opinion before choosing any color to paint her room. Usually, teenage girls like versatile colors that impress. In addition, bold prints, bright stripes, sponge patterns, etc. are also on their list. You can use a large variety of colors and shades for her bedroom. Just take care to avoid pink; otherwise she may believe that you do not consider her enough mature and strong headed.

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