Hydrogen generators

Some facts about hydrogen:

  • you can find this element in the largest quantities ;
  • its properties are: lightest, colorless, odorless, nontoxic;
  • for the U.S industry there are used 10 million tons of hydrogen;
  •  in the future, the quantity use will be 10 times higher than the present one.

Nowadays, we have the know-how to build an apparatus that produces hydrogen.

It is called a hydrogen generator. You can make one in your own home or buy devices that will provide large amounts of this gas.
One of the main uses of the generator is to be part of a vehicle and power it.
The new wave of ideas circles around the construction of a vehicle that will run only on hydrogen – it would be eco-friendly and very efficient. This goes future…think of a world that will work on hydrogen generated power.

You can place a generator in the car, but this will make your warranty zero as value. In exchange, you can buy a hydrogen kit. You can find it markets, is easy to install and gives a good amount of power. They are a catalyst to the fuel of your car, but don’t replace the need for hydrogen.

Weigh all the information about these devices before installing one in your vehicle.
Some motives of this generator being an opportunity are:

  • the only residue produced is water;
  • the combustion of the element is friendly to the global warming;
  • the flames go upwards and the gas is consumed rather quickly;
  • you don’t have to worry about leaks, because once the hydrogen reaches the atmosphere it will dissipate;
  • the burning temperature is 550 C, whilst the petroleum substances have the flash point at 300 c or even 500 C. This means that the hydrogen has a lower risk of producing accidental fires.

The market offers different types of generators.
The most known are devices that work on electrolysis of water (high pressure bi-polar or conventional cells dissociate water) or dissociation of ammonia (commercial ammonia is dissociated through catalysis into 75% hydrogen and the rest into nitrogen; is a cheap model but the gas won’t have such a good quality)

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